云顶集团糖果游戏’s innovation touches the lives of millions of people around the world every single day.

Innovation is where we started in 1892 when our founder, William Painter, invented the bottle cap, also known as the crown cork. This landmark innovation solved an unmet need: the ability to seal carbonated beverages quickly and securely. Our innovative approach to satisfying customer needs is still emblematic of our philosophy today. For us, innovation comes in many forms, including improving existing products and manufacturing processes, pioneering concepts and finding ways to enhance shelf appeal, convenience and sustainability, or increasing consumer engagement.

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Our Innovation Process


In this video, 云顶集团糖果游戏's Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Abramowicz, Ph.D., offers a peek into just one of the ways that 云顶集团糖果游戏 is driving innovation from the inside out. Based on the concept of a "clariton," a fictional particle that is generated when two ideas collide, 云顶集团糖果游戏 is creating Clariton Zones across the organization to foster interactivity and stimulate innovation.

Our dedicated Innovation Team executes a phased, forward-looking development process to drive new product development, whether we are seeking to improve existing technology or break ground with a new concept.


Identify market opportunities and technology response.


Demonstrate commercial and technical capability.


Evaluate and select a winning technical/commercial concept.


Demonstrate production capability and commercial sign-off.


Challenge the market opportunity and analyze the technical feasibility and risks.


Produce in quantity and deliver to customer. Audit and react.